I Said Hey

Dougy Flyswatter

a tasty stew of pop, psychedelic punk, funk and metal with a solid melodic rock base...SPLATROCK !!!

Catch the buzz about this unique and appealing music tapped from the rockin' soul of Dougy Flyswatter.

"In Pursuit Of A Fly" is the interesting instrumental that kicks it all off. Freaky, hip-hoppish bass scratching and a guitar solo that will leave you amazed are featured.

"Routine Girl" is anything but routine as far as songs go. Eerie, then excitingly powerful with narrative bits, great playing and sonic wonder.

"The Dirty Blues" is dirty and bluesy.... it's hard NOT to strip to this.

"Cowboy" is sure to inspire some dance moves out on the floor. Fun and funky is how this one goes. Giddy up, giddy up, let's GO!!!

"See The Way" is a beautifully orchestrated song about missing or losing a loved and staying positive.

"Sex" is a tongue-in cheek pop-punk super song.

"Sweet Summer Fields" adds a reminicing feel to a good-time hard-rock anthem. This song will make you say "HEY"


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