Brain Tap

Dougy Flyswatter

A very well produced(D'Arcy McGilligan) and performed collection of great songs by Dougy Flyswatter, the inventor of "splat-rock".

Take it all in, then let it flow. Dougy Flyswatter takes you on a sonic trip of excitement. Listen to him showing off a new skill-set of writing; powerful, deeper songs accompanied by still being able to catch your ear with a hilarious lyric or catchy melody in an all out rocker. Exceptional care has been taken in the production and performances by the artists and it shows in your ears. Music lovers and audiophiles will both love what is pouring out of this "Brain Tap".

  1. Love Or Chess- A great screaming guitar track and energy filled rhythm section blast off with an intoxicating melody. "Something strange is happening to me..."

  2. Gemini- Epic, hard-hitting, rhythmic soundscape punctuated with great poetic verses. Movie theme possibilities??? "Balancing your private glory and the truth, blame it on your youth..."

  3. The Burn- So moody is this song that will suck you in until you feel the burn. "Misled by the mirror, Am I taking to myself..."

  4. Jocelyn's Song- Catchy, dance-able tune with some teeth and one of the best rock endings of all time! "Sunny day, I'm drifting, dreaming, Down the street guitars are screaming 'Yeah', oh ya ..."

  5. Sunglasses In The Rain- Upbeat rocking tune with a positive edge to make you smile. "I'm gettin' in the mood, Got a smile on my face, Got no attitude..."

  6. You're Moving Out- There is a wilderness full of reasons why this song will get into your heart through your ears and have you singing along with the chorus. "Take it easy, come what may, Work to make more time to play..."

  7. Leave A Message- Appealing to the frustrated communicator, this iconic pop culture flavored rock anthem is sure to have a lasting impression on you. "I'm so sure that I'll hear you, If you just do what you should do, To communicate with me..."

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